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Our resource hub

Here we have a collection of different resources – have a browse! 

What is the resource hub?

The resource hub is a page with access to a collection of links, websites and more. An “all in one place” stop for learning, problem-solving and inspiration. 

If you have any useful resources you’d like to share, please contact us.

Plant Handling

Want to learn more about how to grow, care and breed different plants? We speak to gardeners who hold decades of advice for you to easily tap in to!

Molecular & Cellular

Learn and develop your molecular biology knowledge and lab based skills. Find helpful tips on lab practises and much more


Discover bioinformatic practises; history, pipelines and ways to display data.

open access. open forum.


plant anatomy

discover resource that help you understand the internal structure of key plant models.


plant morphology and evolution

The evolution of plants saw radical changes to morphology - hence these two topics are linked. Find out more!


plant physiology

Find out about the study of plant function and behaviour, including all dynamic processes required for development, growth, defence and more.