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Who are we?

Find out more about who we are, how we operate and how everything works.

here for science

The grains website was created to help everyone. To inspire undergraduates, to provide a hub for learning material and to bring together people in the wide plant science community. We want to increase the volume and ranges of scientific communication, both to the public and to the scientific community. It’s a tricky goal, and that’s why we need YOU! We need you to help push plant science and enable a greater outreach. One, to encourage people to join the research effort, which is becoming ever more critical due to the growing food crisis and escalating global climate change. Second, to help improve the awareness of plant science research and all its outcomes. 


Increase Awareness


Aid learning


grow the community

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How it works

our blog

We write regular blog posts from our team. You can subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on new blog posts. We also encourage you to submit your own posts, which will be reviewed before going live! You can write about a topic you are passionate about or on something you want to increase greater awareness for. To get involved, follow the button below!

our resource hub

Our resource hub is a collection of resources such as websites, advice from professionals and more – all free to explore and read. Just head over to the hub where you’ll find that the resources are divided up into different subsections and topics.  If you know of any useful resources and would like to share them, please contact us!

our community

Join the community to join a forum of like-minded people. This area allows you to post comments, reply and connect with others. Join groups for specific topics, areas or issue. A great way of posting errors or issues with your work and get advice from others on how to solve them. Follow the link below to make an account and join the community! Our community is for students, professionals, researchers and more! First, make an account – you can do so by following the community page link. You will have to log in through the same page. Once logged on, the community page will show all the activity of the community in forum style.

To find and make friend connections, follow the “Members Directory” page link. Here you can use the search feature to find a specific member, or you can scroll through the directory.

In the drop-down menu from “Community” in the header, there are other options such as “profile”, “messages”, “notifications” and “groups”. Plus, a log-out button.

“Profile” allows you to view your account, alter settings, your activity, messages, notifications and more.

“Messages” shows you private and public messages.

“Notifications” will show notifications related to your account.

“Groups Directory” takes you to the groups’ directory where you can search, explore, join or create groups.

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