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Focused on plant science

Simply put, we love plant science! We aim to plant seeds of curiosity and bring people together in the discipline.   

All rounder


Blog posts

Blog posts on a range of topics to spike your interest!


Resource Hub

A compilation of open-source tools and resources all in one place.


Network & Communicate

Join the network, connect with others in your field, and gain support with issues.

Time to grow

It’s time to shine some light on plant science. Find grains of knowledge. Get inspired. Grow your skills and be a part of a growing community. 

Our resource hub


Plant Handling

Want to learn more about how to grow, care and breed different plants? We speak to gardeners who hold decades of advice for you to easily tap in to!


Molecular Skills

Learn and develop your molecular biology knowledge and lab based skills. Find helpful tips on lab practises and much more



Discover bioinformatic practises; history, pipelines and ways to display data.

Want to contact us?

Want to get in touch? Have some ideas? Want to contribute or join the team? Email us through the link below.

Our blog

The Grains Team

How the site works

By now you have probably had a little look around the site and got an idea of what we offer. This post will help you figure out how everything works, from the blog to the community.

1. Our blog
2. Our resource hub
3. Our community

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